Artificial Intelligence powered Automation & GIS Solutions

Novel Experience Est. is an Authorized Distributor in KSA for Tensorminds Private Limited (TMS). TMS ( is an Artificial Intelligence, Deep Learning, Big Data Analytics, Data Warehousing, & Business Intelligence Company. Specializing in VISION-AI, SOUND-AI, NATURAL LANGUAGE AI & PREDICTION AI.
DP World at Port Qassim and FrieslandCampina Engro Pakistan Ltd. are among their clients list.

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Unleashing the power of Artificial Intelligence

In fast changing dynamic business environments, organizations have to embrace artificial intelligence technologies to sustain their growth and go beyond. They need to better understand customer needs, automate repetitive tasks, better understand their data, leading to informed strategies, innovate everytime, ensuring success and growth.


Business leaders who realize its potential and take advantage of its power will take their enterprise to the next level by minimizing costs, maximizing performance and boosting productivity and growth.


Essentially integrating AI in the very fabric of the organization through building culture where leaders and front-line employees embrace the future with open arms.

We have Products & Solutions for Container Terminal Automation, Media Monitoring and Analytics Automation, Automation of Medical Diagnosis through medical imagery and sounds, Voice Action and Natural Language based Business Intelligence Solutions, Automated Robotic Call Center Solutions, Solutions Safe & Secure Places, Product Quality Control Automation, Automation of Vehicle Access Management, & Face Recognition Solutions. We provide exclusive Al Consultancy Services for medium to large scale enterprises helping the in identifying potential Al Applications and its benefits.