Building Management Systems (BMS) and Energy Management thru Digitalization

Novel Experience Est. installs and maintains Building & Energy Management Systems. BMS maintains safe comfortable environment whilst keeping energy consumption in check. Buildings generally contain different types of equipment with each item performing a specific function. That function is generally related to maintaining a level of comfort for the occupants of the building. BMS and Energy Management does the task optimally with the following key considerations:

key considerations:
  • BMS installation projects providing a better working environment for building occupants. 
  • Energy efficiency projects to provide realistic returns on capital investment.
  • Remote & on-site energy performance management.
  • Systems integration for optimal performance & energy optimization.
  • Service contracts
  • Energy audits to improve green credentials & to reduce carbon footprint.
  • Field devices for BMS include a complete range of products from Regin and include flanged valves, butterfly valves, pressure switches, valve actuators, damper actuators, temperature sensors.