Energy Asset Performance Management & Intelligence thru Digitalization

Novel Experience Est. has authorized distributorship for KSA and to market the services of our business partner Enerlytics (

This provides modern energy management, preventive maintenance & optimization via Al & ML and connects your energy production and consumption assets on a single platform for holistic insights.

This maximizes savings and optimize energy assets with the advanced software for energy asset owners and industries. It will Revolutionize your Energy Management today.

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The key benefits are:

Monitor the health of your assets: Take control of your energy assets' performance with our advanced software solution for monitoring their health. Our powerful tools enable you to track key metrics, identify potential issues, and optimize asset efficiency. With real-time insights into the health of your energy assets, you can proactively address issues and prevent costly downtime. Keep your operations running at peak performance with our cutting-edge health monitoring system.

Predictive & Real-Time Alarms:
Stay one step ahead of issues with our advanced software solution for generating real-time and predictive alarms. Our Al-powered system can accurately forecast potential problems and generate alerts, allowing you to take proactive measures to prevent them from happening. Keep your operations running smoothly and minimize downtime with our cutting-edge predictive alarms.


Optimize your energy use with Advanced Analytics: Unlock the full potential of your industrial operations with our advanced software solution. Our powerful optimization tools enable you to enhance your production processes, reduce energy waste, and increase efficiency. Transform your industrial operations and stay ahead of the competition with our cutting-edge software solution.


Generate Automatic & Customized Reports: Streamline your energy management with our automated and personalized report generation tool. Easily distribute comprehensive KPI reports to your team, covering all energy-related metrics for your assets. Take control of your energy performance and drive success with our cutting-edge software solution.

Remote testing capabilities for your assets:
Maximize uptime and minimize downtime with our state- of-the-art remote testing capabilities for inverters and other critical components. Our advanced software solution enables you to remotely monitor and test your systems, ensuring optimal performance and reducing the need for costly on-site maintenance. Keep your operations running smoothly and efficiently with our cutting-edge remote testing capabilities.


Enerlytics is aligned with United Nations' Sustainable Development Goals (SDG). Enerlytics also complies the standard and best practices of ISO 50001, IEC Standards, LEED and Measurement & Verification.